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Bashkir Ballet Theatre
Bashkir Ballet Theatre

The ballet troupe of the Bashkir opera and Ballet theatre consisted of the graduates of the Bashkir Branch of the Leningrad Ballet School,Bashkir Branch of the drama school and a group of dancers Folk Dance Ensemble in the early years. Among the first graduates of the famous Vaganova School were Z. Nasretdinova, H. Safiullin, T. Hudayberdina, F. Sattarov, F. Yusupov, G. Khafizova, R. Derbisheva. The first ballet production was "Coppelia" by L. Delibes, which took place in 1940.

During World War II Kiev State Opera and Ballet Theater was evacuated to Ufa, which had a great influence on the process of formation of the Bashkir Ballet and Opera. As part of the troupe, who had come to Ufa, there were well-known opera conductor V. Yorish, directors N. Smolich and his son D. Smolich, famous singers M. Litvinenko-Wohlgemuth, J. Patorzhyns'kogo, Z. Hayday, K. Laptev, A. Ivanov, young L. Rudenko, IV Maslennikov.

In March 1944 the premiere of the first Bashkir Ballet "Crane Song" by L. Stepanov and Z. Ismagilova took place.

After the war, the artistic director of theater was G. Khabibullin; performances were conducted by H. Faizullin, L. Insarov, H. Hammatov. The theater has grown a whole galaxy of talented performers. Along with the singers of the older generation - G. Khabibullin, B. Valeeva, Khismatullin , successfully performed such young artists as: H. Mazitov, Z. Makhmutov, N. Abdeev, N. Byzina, I. Ivashkiv, S. Galimova, N. Allayarova and others.
Bashkir Ballet is inextricably linked with the names of Z. Nasretdinovoy, T. Hudayberdinoy, G. Suleymanova, F. Nafikovoy , M. Tagirova, H. Safiullina, F. Sattarova.

The history of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet is inextricably linked with a name of the renowned dancer of XX century , Rudolf Nureyev . For four years he worked at the ballet studio at the theater (teachers Zaytoun Bakhtiyarova and Halyaf Safiullin). In 1953 Nureyev was passed in the ballet troupe of the theatre. It is at this stage he took the first steps to world ballet career. The party Dzhigit in the ballet "Crane Song" by Rudolf Nureyev has attracted the attention of specialists in a famous Bashkir Decade of Art in Moscow in 1955, after which he was invited to study at the Leningrad Choreographic School.

Since March, 1993 ballet festivals after name of Rudolf Nureyev take place. The first festival was organized at the suggestion of the Honorary President of the dance committee of the International Theatre Institute for UNESCO , a member of the Paris Academy of Dance, Hero of Socialist Labor, People's Artist of the USSR and the Republic of Belarus Yuri Grigorovich , and went with his company "Grigorovich ballet.


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