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Georgian Legend
Georgian Legend

Georgian Legend is a music and dance show which has duly deserved world recognition. The latest advancements in the show-making technology went into putting this worlds major multimillion-budget musical choreographic sensation on stage. The show, retracing the centuries-old history of the arts of dance and music in Georgia and the rest of the Caucasus, is appropriately considered a truly stunning musical event.

Every intricate twist of ancient tales is re-enacted through the brilliant art of Georgian dancers, performers and singers. This magic, reinforced by the breath-taking pageantry of colorful costumes and sets, incredible lighting and unreal sound, weaves a majestic multihued tapestry of the culture of the Caucasus – a feast for the eyes of the spectators and the triumph for Georgian Legend on the world stage.

Today Georgian Legend is proud to present our new show ‘SAMAIA’. This new production is yet another indisputable triumph for Georgian Legend and a convincing testimony to our lasting dazzling success.

‘SAMAIA’ is an allegorical tale of the eternal battle of good and evil, a tale of wars and victories, of love and hatred, of life and death, and of the pride and bravery of the people of Georgia. The storyline is woven out of almost a couple of dozens of individual smaller novels, each narrated in dance, music and singing. Unlike the conventional drama performances where the spectator is invited to study the intricacies of the text and the twists of the plot, a musical performance reaches into the heart of hearts, causing a real outburst of emotions. You will feel sadness and joy, you will cry and laugh together with the characters on stage.

Dancing sketches draw on realistic events: we can see two lovers meeting secretly at the foot of the snow-capped Caucasian mountains, a wedding celebration, a downfall of a fortress, young men learning sabre-fencing. Nothing is left out; you can enjoy duels, horse-racing imitation, dizzying pirouettes, dancers’ fouettés, and, of course, the elegant grace of the women of the Caucasus. The dancers demonstrate an almost impossible skill as they ‘toe-point’ in soft ballet shoes – a unique dancing technique. You will be stunned by the truly staggering diversity of the dancers’ movements, whose technical complexity could not fail to impress.

The dancing is accompanied by original Georgian music, which gives the spectators a wonderful opportunity to judge for themselves Georgian musical treasure. The show contains solo performances of percussionists and salamuri-players. Salamuri is a Georgian flute – an instrument which voice consistently wins standing applause from the audience. The most talented performers - our musicians and dancers - generously share their art with the audience, manifesting the rich and multifaceted beauty of Georgian music.

Drawing on the rich source of Georgian culture, the new ‘SAMAIA’ show makes the best of the contemporary western show biz technologies. It has much to offer: classical melodies in brand-new compositions, modern Georgian and Caucasian songs, startling original costumes blending the best of ethnic design and contemporary fashion industry, incredible lighting, and the crystal-clear stereo sound… As a result the viewer is presented with a convincing illustration of how a highly successful treatment of classical values by a talented producer could adequately represent a national culture.

SAMAIA is an outburst of bright colors, a dazzling rainbow of light and an eruption of energy – a truly unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever!


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