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Georgian National Ballet Theatre METEKHI
Georgian National Ballet Theatre METEKHI

The "Metekhi" Theatre of Georgian Folklore and National Ballet takes its name from the 6th century church, which is situated on the top of a steep cliff in the heart of Tbilisi, capitol city of the Republic of Georgia. The Theatre is constantly in the process of collecting, studying and advancing folk dances in modern direction and styling, and creating new choreographic scenes, miniatures and total concert performances illustrating the past and present of the Georgian people.

The Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer of "Metekhi" Theatre of Folklore and Georgian National Ballet is Gelodi Potskhishvili, Chief Choreographer of the Georgian State Philharmonic Society, Owner of Decoration of Honour. Gelodi Potskhishvili has began his activity in Georgian State Philharmonic Society from 1964. At first he was ballet-dancer, and after creation of “Metekhi” was its soloist and leader.

In 1978 at the Georgian State Philharmonic Society under his leadership the “Metekhi” Ensemble was created. Then it was reorganised to The Georgian National Vanguard Ballet, some time after it was reorganised to the Choreographic Theatre and later to Theatre of Georgian National Ballet. Today, the fourth generation of “Metekhi” dancers regularly perform concerts throughout Georgia. Featured troupe soloists and assistants of Chief Choreographer are David and Gela, sons of Chief Choreographer Gelodi.

Gelodi Potskhishvili has created Theatre-Show of Georgian National Ballet with new directions. In this effort, much significance has been given to new thinking in the art of dance. Novel works of modern national choreographic art are created on the basis of traditional Georgian dances and, “Metekhi” believes, will come to occupy a recognised place in the world community of choreographic art.

At the same time, the Theatre of Folklore and Georgian National Ballet preserves traditional choreographic works, often enhanced with new musical interpretations. The dances are staged with classical and modern music of Georgian composers such as Zakharia Paliashvili, Archil Kereselidze, Sandro Mirianashvili, Revaz Lagidze, Djansug Kakhidze, George Tsabadze, Vajga Azarashvili, Iosif Kechakmadze, and Avto Sharvadze

The Theatre of Georgian National Ballet has performed in more than 25 countries all over the world. Since 1990 up to now, “Metekhi” has toured Germany, Austria, the United States, Spain, Egypt, France, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, New Zealand, Turkey, Israel. The company is an award winner in both national and international festivals and can claim excellent critical reviews in past tour appearances. The Theatre “Metekhi” has its own studio, and all the dancers began training for “Metekhi” at an early age. The director of the Studio is Gelodi Potskhishvili. The teachers of this studio are Gelodi’s sons - David and Gela Potskhishvili. This family contributes significantly to the development of Georgian and world choreography. In 2003 Theatre “Metekhi” has celebrated 25-years Anniversary. Now a days Theatre continues its work on new stages.

The "Metekhi" Theatre of Georgian National Ballet presents a fantastic, lyrical program of breathtaking technical and artistic dance movement. It is exhilarating, exciting and punctuated by the beauty, elegance and style of the Georgian people. They show fantastic technique use of daggers and swords, the fantastic dance on knees I toes.


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