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The Theatre was founded on May 12,1945. The first performance - M. Glinka's opera "Ivan Susanin". By December 1963, having established a sound reputation, the theatre was awarded the honorary title of "Academic". Established by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the NSAOBT is a theatre of federal subordination. About 350 premieres and capital reconstruction of classical productions (opera and ballet ones) were performed in the theatre between 1945 and 2003.

Two performances of the theatre - opera "Lady Macbeth of Mzensk" and ballet "The Conservatoire of Bournonville" ("The Best Ballet Performance" nomination) became the diploma holders of the National "Golden Mask" Festival (1999). The opera soloist Svetlana Savina became the first in Novosibirsk possessor of National "Golden Mask" Grand Prix.

The most important theatre event of 2001 was the premiere of L. Delibes' ballet "Coppelia" - a reconstruction of Petipa's 1894 production on stage of Mariinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg). The author of the reconstruction - a famous apologist of the authentic tendency in ballet, choreographer Serguei Vikharev, based this project upon the unique materials of Harward University (USA) theatre archives, having decoded N. Sergueiev's notations made after V. Stepanov's choreographic notation system. The premiere drew vivid attention of ballet experts and amateurs. Anna Zharova (Swanilda in "Coppelia" - Laureate of National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" in Nomination "The Best ballet role".

Since 1957 NSAOBT goes on foreign tours (the first tour - China, ballet company, orchestra). In 60s-80s the ballet company of the theatre toured in the United Arab Republic (1962), Japan (1966), France and Monaco (1967), Hungary (1970), Australia, New Zealand (1971), Bulgaria (1976), Italy (1977), Cuba (1983), Mongolia (1988), Yugoslavia(1989). In 1986 the opera company had a grand tour in Poland (Warsaw, Lodz).

The peak of the tour activities fell on 90s: Germany (1991, ballet, orchestra), Spain (1991, ballet), Argentine (1991, ballet), Portugal (1992, ballet), Egypt (1994, ballet), Germany (1994, opera), Spain (1994, choir), Spain (1995, ballet, orchestra), Spain (1996, ballet, orchestra), Portugal (1996, ballet, orchestra), Portugal (1996, opera), Holland, Belgium (1996, ballet, orchestra), Macao (996, ballet, orchestra), Spain (1997, ballet), Portugal (1997, ballet, orchestra), Japan (1997, ballet, Spain, Portugal (1998, ballet), Japan (1998, ballet), Spain, Portugal (1999, opera), Japan (1999, ballet), China (2000, ballet), Thailand (2000, opera, ballet, choir, orchestra), Egypt ( 2000, ballet).

During foreign tours the ballet company successfully performed such productions as: 'The Sleeping Beauty', 'The Nutcracker', 'Swan Lake', 'Spartacus', 'Legend of Love', 'Conservatoire of Bournonville', 'Shekherasade', 'Carmina Burana', 'Polovtsian Dances', 'Coppelia', etc.

Theatre tours chronic

1957. China. Ballet company, orchestra.
1962. The United Arab Republic. Ballet company.
1966. Japan. Ballet company.
1967. France, Monaco. Ballet company.
1967. Hungary. Ballet company.
1971. Australia, New Zealand. Ballet company, orchestra.
1976. Bulgaria. Ballet company.
1979. Italy. International Festival of Classical Music and Classical Dance. Ballet company.
1983. Cuba. Ballet company.
1986. Poland. Opera company.
1987. Portugal. Ballet company.
1988. Mongolia. Ballet company.
1989. Yugoslavia. Ballet company.

1991. Spain . International Musical Festival. Ballet company.
1991. Argentine. Ballet company.
1991. Germany. Ballet company, orchestra.
1992. Portugal. Ballet Company.
1993. Egypt. Opera company.
1993. Taiwan. Ballet company.
1994. Egypt. Ballet company.
1994. Spain. Choir. Participation in "Aida" international project.
1995. Spain, Portugal. Ballet, orchestra.
1996. Portugal. Opera company.
1996. The Netherlands, Belgium. Ballet company.
1996. Macao. International Festival. Ballet company, orchestra.
1997. Japan. Ballet company.
1998. Japan . Ballet company.

1998. Spain, Portugal. Ballet company. Opera company.
1999. Japan Ballet company.
1999. Portugal. Ballet company.
1999. Macao. International Festival. Ballet company
2000. China. Ballet company.
2000. Thailand. The 2nd International Bangkok's Festival of Music and Dance. Opera company, ballet company, orchestra, choir.
2000. Egypt. Ballet, orchestra.
2001. China. Ballet company, opera company.
2001. Korea. Opera company, orchestra.
2002. Spain. Ballet company.
2002. Portugal. Ballet company.
2002. Portugal. International Festival. Ballet company.

2002. Korea. Opera company, choir.
2003. Korea. Opera company, orchestra.
2003. Italy. Ballet company, orchestra.
2003. Japan. Ballet company, orchestra.
2003. Italy. Ballet company.
2004. Germany. Opera company, choir, orchestra.
2004. Thailand. The 6th International Bangkok's Festival of Music and Dance. Opera company, ballet company, orchestra, choir.
2004. Italy. Opera company, choir, orchestra.
2004. Japan. Ballet company, orchestra.
2004. Korea. Ballet company, orchestra.
2005. Italy. Ballet company.
2005. England. "ACT 2005: New Russian Arts in London". Chamber choir, chamber orchestra.


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