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Turetsky Choir
Turetsky Choir

The Turetsky Choir made its debut in 1990 in the Philharmonic Halls of Tallinn and Kaliningrad. In two years their program was known in many countries around the world.

All the Choir's soloists have graduated from the best music schools of Russia, and every one of them was able to express his extraodinary professional skills.

The Choir's ensemble unification, intonational virtuosity, and the timbre diversity (especially the specific "tenor tone" ), the feeling of style, inherent culture, and the sence of humor are the members of the sum of the group's success. No matter where the "Turetsky Choir" performs, at the concert stages or in high class clubs, success always finds it. The Choir performed at many famous stages around the world, for example, the Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, the Kremlin Palace, the Bolshoy Theatre, Carnegie Hall, (New York, USA) Merkin Concert Hall (New York, USA) Jordan Hall of the Boston Conservatory, Gala Tarbut, Teatron Jerusalem (Israel), King's Palace (Madrid, Spain), in the buildings of the United Nations, and Congress (Washington, DC, USA).

The birth of the pop-group within the Choir was not accidental. There has been a need to go beyond the limits of the classical choir, a need to perform in a variery of genres, including non-religious, and not only Jewish songs, there has been a desire to transform a formal academical concert into a flamboyant show. Today the art of the choir conducted by Mikhail Turetsky combines the academic tradition of singing a capella with the new aesthetics of the show (singing with the music, elements of choreography, stage lighting, etc).

Dramatic talents and remarkable singing artistry of every soloist enable the Choir to create a story from every song. The image of the song is formed by the vocal and stage means, and the complex polyphonic episodes are followed by the soloist's pieces. The vocal artistry, the will to express themselves and the ability to preserve their own intonation help the soloists to create the diversity of repertoire. It is amazing that the Choir's repertoire includes arias from operas and the city romances, fragments of the liturgic synagogal music, pop-hits, jazz pieces, and classical musicals. The soloists of hte Turetsky Choir can perform any musical abstract at an extremely high level.

The Milestones of the History of the Turetsky Choir

1989 - Mikhail Turetsky creates and conducts the Moscow Choral Synagogue's Male Choir.
1990 - Debut performances at Moscow Choral Synagogue and its first concerts in Kaliningrad, Tallinn, Chisinau, Kiev, Leningrad, Moscow and other cities.
1991-1992 -Performances in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Israel, Spain (participation in "Por Me Espiritu" festival together with Placido Domingo, Isaak Stern, Zubin Meta's Orchestra)
1993-1994 - Tours in England, Israel, US, Poland. Mikhail Turetsky receives the "Golden Crown" recognition award from the American Music Society. This award has been given to only eight people in the world.

1995-1996 - The Choir splits into two parts. One part stays in Moscow, the other goes to Miami, FL to work at the Temple Emmanu-El Synagogue. The "American" soloists become "honored Citizens of Miami. The Choir performs together with Julio Iglesias. The repertoire of the Choir grows, world's most loved songs, folk songs, opera arias, Broadway classics, jazz pieces are added.
1997 - The Choir is taking part in Iosif Kobzon's farewell tour of Russia. They give ore then 100 concerts together. "The Turetsky Choir" becomes a State Choir.
1998-1999 - The Choir tours the NIS, Spain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and the USA. During the Choir's stay in the US, February 6 is announced the "Day of the Moscow Jewish Choir"

2000-2001 - Joint tour with Iosif Kobzon. Performances in Israel, the USA, Australia, Germany, the NIS. The Choir performs on the stage of the Moscow State Variety Theatre.
2002 - Mikhail Turetsky recieves the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation" for his achievements in art.
2002-2003 - Touring the US and Europe.
January 2004 - The first solo performance of the "Turetsky Choir Art Group." The Program «The Ten Voices that Overwhelmed the World" brought Mikhail the title of the Man of the Year 2004 in the nomination "Cultural Event of the Year" of the national "The Man of the Year Award."

December 2004 - The Turetsky Choir presents the program "When Men Are Singing" in the State Kremlin Palace with participation of Emma Chaplin and Gaynor).
January 2005 – Performing at the best concert halls of the USA in San francisco, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Boston, Chicago.
2005-2006 - Turetsky Choir's Anniversary Tour "Born to Sing" in more than 100 cities of Russia and the NIS.
2006-2007 - Turetsky Choir tours 70 cities of Russia and the NIS with the program "Music of All Times and Peoples"
2007 - Turetsky Choir receives the Russian Music Award "Record 2007" for the best classical album of the year (the Collector's edition of the "Great Music" ), the Choir is recognized for the most socially important charity project the children's charity concert "Be Kind-Hearted Today!", and gets a Yearly National "Emotion" Award in the category "Respect"
2007-2008 - "Hallelujah to Love" Tour around Russia and the NIS
2008-2009 - Touring Russia, the NIS, anв the US with the new program "And the Show Goes On..."


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