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Romeo and Juliet

State Ballet of Russia STATE BALLET OF RUSSIA Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet State Ballet of Russia Video STATE BALLET OF RUSSIA VIDEO

Following is information on the production of "Romeo and Juliet" performed by The State Ballet of Russia.

Productions by Georgian State Dance Company "Romeo and Juliet" performed by The State Ballet of Russia - Live from Ekateringburg

The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet has a long history. From the early poetry about Romeo and Juliet including Arthur Brooke's "Tragical History of Romeus and Juliets" in 1562 through "Romeo and Juliet" written by William Shakespeare in 1593, Berlioz's dramatic symphony of "Romeo and Juliet" in 1839, Gunod's opera of "Romeo & Juliet" in 1867, Tchaikovsky's symphonic poem of "Romeo and Juliet" in 1869 to Prokofiev's production of "Romeo and Juliet" during the 1930's.

Act 1

The ballet opens on the pre-dawn streets of Verona. We first see Rosalind who is the latest object of young Romeo's affections. He pursues her in the hope of gaining her attention, which she withholds. Next appear Mercurtio, Benvolio and their Gypsy friends. The peace of the marketplace is soon broken when the Montagues are confronted by the Capulets. The ensuring fight is brought to an end by the appearance of Escalus, Prince of Verona. Tired of the eternal fighting between the two families he decrees death to the next offender who breaks the peace. All depart except Mercutio and Benvolio who chase the Capulet nurse through the streets where they eventually find Romeo lost in thought.

Outside the Capulet residence Juliet surprises the nurse who is returning home. Their play is interrupted by Juliet�s mother who broaches the subject of marriage. Juliet�s friends appear from within bearing a beautiful ball dress for Juliet who remains innocently unaware of the events to come.

The guests of Lord Capulet, including Count Paris, arrive for the grand masked ball. Romeo follows Rosalind only as far as the gates, but it is with Mercutio's insistence that he follows her into the Capulet's home. Of course, Mercutio and Benvolio must also steal their way into the house.

Lord Capulet has spared no expense to impress Count Paris. As Juliet begins to dance with Paris, the Montagues begin to cause havoc amongst the guests, taking particular pleasure in annoying Tybalt. Romeo is instantly captivated by the vision of Juliet who is similarly smitten by this masked stranger. She searches the room where she once again meets Romeo. In response to her father's call, Juliet entertains the guests but, as she dances, is distracted with thoughts of Romeo. As the crowd leaves to dine, Romeo appears to confront Juliet. Tybalt, who has stolen a moment with Lady Capulet, espies the young Montague and calls everyone back. He challenges Romeo to a duel on the spot. Lord Capulet, in fear of losing command in his own house, picks up the gauntlet and insists Tybalt desist.

Romeo�s friends seek him out in the streets, but he is not to be found. Lady Capulet seeks out her bellowed nephew, Tybalt, to console his embarrassment. Romeo is secreted in the Capulet gardens hoping for a glimpse of Juliet. His wait is rewarded as Juliet appears on her balcony. At first surprised by his presence, she is quick to be captivated by Romeo. They cannot deny their love; however, the two realise the boundaries of the real world they cannot escape. As the sun rises on a new day, they must part.

Act II

The marketplace is alive with celebration. Juliet's nurse appears with a letter for Romeo. Mercutio is quick to tease, but eventually Romeo receives his letter. All are intrigued by his sudden exhilaration and sudden departure. Juliet arrives at Friar Lawrence's cell and with the quick arrival of Romeo and the nurse the two are united in marriage. The Friar prays that this will end the family feuds.

Tybalt arrives in the marketplace in search of Romeo. When Romeo refuses Tybalt�s challenge, Mercutio quickly moves to fight Tybalt. Romeo seeks to stop the fight and, in the process causes Mercutio to be fatally stabbed. Mercutio, in his last moments continues his lighthearted ways and tries to fool his friends to believe he is all right.
  The State Ballet of Russia Production

In a blind rage Romeo seeks revenge upon Tybalt. It is only with Tybalt�s death that he realises the horror of his actions. Lady Capulet is distraught on discovering the body of her dead nephew. Romeo flees both the rage of Lady Capulet and the punishment of the Prince.


The nurse smuggles Romeo into the Capulet house to spend his last and only evening with his young wife. With the dawn they are forced to part. Lady Capulet enters to announce Juliet�s imminent marriage to Count Paris. Juliet�s defiance in the face of this news ignites the rage of both her mother and father. Left alone, Juliet realises she must seek out the help of Friar Laurence.

Juliet pleads with the Friar for help. He eventually gives her a vial of herbs that if swallowed, will temporarily feign her death, allowing her to later escape to her Romeo.

Returning to her room, Juliet is confronted by her parents and Paris. Coldly submissive, she accepts the marriage plans. Left alone she contemplates the vial which at once could be her salvation or her doom. Her love for Romeo proves stronger than her fear of death and so she swallows the potion. The nurse arrives to awaken Juliet for her wedding day. Joy is turned into sorrow as she discovers Juliet is no longer among the living.

The State Ballet of Russia Production  
After the family bids farewell to Juliet�s body, Paris elects to stay in the crypt and linger with his lost love. Romeo arrives in the crypt planning to stay forever with his beloved. Paris challenges Romeo who is forced to kill him. Romeo drinks the poison that he has bought with him and dies in the arms of his Juliet.

The Friar returns and tries to pull the awakening Juliet from the death grip of Romeo. Unwilling to live without Romeo, she refuses to follow the Friar. Stumbling upon the body of Paris, she discovers his dagger and returns to the arms of Romeo where she stabs herself, bringing our story to its tragic end.

Productions by Georgian State Dance Company "Romeo and Juliet" performed by The State Ballet of Russia - Live from Ekaterinburg

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